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the5ftwonder said: First of all so jelly of ur green eyes. Love green eyes. But question, I want to get my septum pierced but would get it at the swap meet for $10, how much did u get urs for and did it hurt? Should I get it there? Thanks

Aw thank you, bby! On a scale of 1-10, my septum was an 8. It was really painful for me for some reason. The healing process hurt like a bitch too. If it’s safe and sterile, I would say go for it. But if it’s like a back alley piercing, don’t do it haha.

Anonymous said: Everytime I do my wing eyeliner the line on the outer corner of my right eye always smears because my eye cries a bit. How can I stop this from happening?

Maybe try a water resistant liner? Mine can tend to do that too. It’s hard to find a perfect liner that does it all :(



Anonymous said: My ex texted me, we haven't talked since early 2013 because he said we shouldnt be friends and that his girlfriend didnt want him to keep contact w/ me. So today he messaged me, I was like :O and we've been messaging back and forth all day. We're talking like if we were friends. I don't hate him anymore. Why would he message me after so long? could this be our chance to rekindle our friendship? (we used to be bffs before going out). Ehh or maybe he was just bored..

He probably misses you. Guys are random, but he most likely misses you because why after all that time would you message someone? Or maybe he feels bad how he treated you because his girlfriend made him cut off all ties and he felt like he was just trying to make her happy and that he didn’t really have a say.

Anonymous said: You're so damn beautiful, I hope you love yourself. You deserve to xxo

Thank you. Of course I love myself! I think I’m pretty cool haha.

dayyyynnnaaaa said: Seriously love everything about you! Omfg your sooooo perfect! 😍💕💋

I can’t handle all these kind compliments tonight, oh my goodness! Thank you so much. I really appreciate it :,)))

bessymonster said: I have a crush on you. Super gorgeous girl! 😘

Awww wow! Thank you! :)))

msbeccalovely said: GORGEOUS🌟 Seriously love your makeup and I already told you on IG but girl your makeup is flawless! Wish I was as good as you lol.

You are a gem. Thank you so much, my love. Just practice, practice, practice when it comes to your makeup!!

encourageinnocence said: you're so fucking perfect i could cry. Like, you are honestly my idol. Jesus..

Whaaaaat!! You’re gonna make ME cry! That is so absolutely kind of you :,) You’re an angel and I love you.

communitychest said: Your hair. Your makeup. Your everything. You're just a damn babe

Awww!!!! Thank you bunny! ❤️

orangejuiceforguppies said: hey I love your septum ring, where did you get it? the jewelry i mean :P

Thank you! I got it from bodycandy.com

Obsessed with this new hair

Obsessed with this new hair

murphydee208 said: Okay, you're completely stunning. It's unfair how PERFFF your hair is! Looooooove it girl 😍

Thaaaaank you baby! You’re so sweet! ;)

Anonymous said: If you don't want to answer it's okay, I was just wondering, are you a virgin? And if not how is your sexual history? I just ask because I'm nervous about my first time and I figured you'd be helpful :$ love your blog btw

I’m not a virgin. I’ve only had sex with one guy, but multiple times. Don’t be nervous, I mean it’s totally natural to be nervous, but it’s not as awesome the first time as you think it is to be honest haha. But sex is fucking awesome if it’s done right lol.


Alcohol vs marijuana


Alcohol vs marijuana